GBL Pet Brands is rooted in our experienced management team love for animals. Together, they have more than 30 years of experience working with manufacturers and distributing specialized pet products. And they share a common belief: That pet owners deserve a better selection of products for their four-legged friends—and better value.

The GBL Pet Brands team travels the world looking for ideas and products that meet the highest standards of quality at the best possible price. The brands and products associated with GBL Pet Brands stand out with excellent craftsmanship, materials, durability, safety, design and ingredients.

All products are assessed in test markets before being accepted into the GBL Pet Brands family.

Büd’z: Toys and accessories for dogs and cats

The Büd’z product line includes more than 100 fun and practical products for cat & dogs. These include toys, cages, beds and cat trees. Büd’z products are only available in specialty pet stores in Canada and the United States.

COMPLETE line of products

Gabo: Premium dog and cat food

Gabo dog and cat food was specially developed to offer pets a complete range of natural ingredients and provide them the high quality nutrition they need. Gabo products are only available at specialty pet stores in Canada and the United States.

COMPLETE line of products

Arthur : The ferret expert

Arthur ferret food was designed to meet all your ferret’s nutritional needs. It’s a feast of small bite-sized kibble that’s proudly Made in Canada. And the first three ingredients are animals protein. Made from chicken, eggs, and herring, Arthur is a complete and balanced food containing all essential nutrients for the furret.


H2O: Fresh & Filtered Water for Healthier Cats & Dogs

Filtered Water fountains for cats and dogs that to provide crystal clear water while keeping the surface clean and free of saliva and mud. Offer the best for your pet with cool filtered water at all times.

MP Bergamo: Italian accessories for dogs and cats

MP Bergamo is an Italian company that makes outstanding products for dogs and cats. Their secret? Sleek and modern designs, bright colours, top-quality non-toxic materials and great value for money. MP Bergamo products include pet carriers, food bowls, litter boxes and related accessories.

COMPLETE line of products


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